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    Derby Day Stakes 5k/10k race report

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    Derby Day is a big holiday here in Kentucky, and the first Saturday of May is typically good running weather, so this is fast becoming one of Lexington's bigger races. This year, proceeds were going to Boston's One fund, and there was also a big card for everyone to sign. Think it was about $5000 raised; every bit will help.

    I was doing the 10k, but the 10k and 5k start out together, on a MUP, so it was a bit of a jam. Didn't help that I got to chatting with an acquaintance (OK, flirting), and so was well back, surrounded by much slower folk. I spent much of the first .5 mile on the grass next to the path, passing everyone. Then I settled in, behind the woman with the transparant capris and orange underwear, until she made the 5k turn. After that, I had trouble holding a steady pace. The course is a bit hilly, and the wind was picking up. It felt like every uphill was in to the wind (yuck). I kept passing people going up, and getting passed going down (also yuck; I need to work on running downhill). I'd hoped to be sub-53:00, and just managed it, in 52:58. 5th in my age group, not too bad.

    Here's my crazy mile splits: 8:15, 8:42, 9:18, 9:07, 6:56, 8:59. Yes, 6:56; mile 5 was my first sub-7 minute mile, ever. I went back on my bike later in the day to make sure the markers were in the right place and it really was a mile. It was. I have no idea what happened there; I remember cussing out the wind under my breath as I powered up a hill, passing several men. I also remember checking my watch at the mile marker and thinking I must have hit the wrong button somewhere as that time couldn't possibly be right.

    As nice as that 6:56 was, I'm going to put in some work on maintaining a steady pace. My last 5k was a decent final time, but also all over the place. Maybe some treadmill time will help..

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    Just saw this ... very nice! Dang, on that 5th mile!

    My totally inexpert opinion is that you shouldn't get too hung up on steady pace on a hilly course ... instead, go by a steady effort. Do you wear a HRM?
    Speed comes from what you put behind you. - Judi Ketteler



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