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Thread: Bike Rack

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    Bike Rack

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    Needed a new bike rack that wasn't avstrap and dangle for my new bike. After doing my research I ordered the 1up usa with add on for two bikes total. It had several advantages over the other racks and first impressions are that it lives up to all of them. First of all, price. The biggest criticism of this rack that I had heard is that it was more expensive. It is probably a factor of living in Canada, the land of inflated pricing, but all in, shipping and duties included this rack came out to less than the comparable Kuat, Thule T2 or Yakima hold up at my local store. Second weight, while not feather light it was written up as one of the lighter racks. It was easy for me to lift and manouver without assistance. This is not true of my previous strap and dangle which was a sweaty wrestling match to install. Third, simplicity. This is a very simple design, every bit is intuitive, not over engineered and works easily and well without a struggle. Fourth compact, I have a very small parallel park spot. Installation of the rack on and off has always had to take place after I pulled out because the Element could never get in and out of the spot with that extra foot or two hanging off the back. The 1 up folds up virtually flush with the back. It adds a few inches at most. While I still need to be careful, I can manouver the car out with the folded up rack still attached. Fifth, speed, once the car is out of the spot it takes under 30 seconds to fold it down, pop the bike in, secure it and drive away. This means I don't have to block the alley or someone else's spot while I wrestle with installation and bike mounting. Finally, modularity. I haven't had a chance to try the add on yet but I liked that It folds compact for storage and with the one rack option it doesn't obscure my license plate when installed and folded up. Couldn't be happier.

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    We have a 1UP, since it was the best solution for carrying at least 2 fat bikes (will likely be 3 in the future, once my son is too big to share mine). Great company and so far we really like the rack.
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