Hi all.

I currently occasionally use NUUN tablets in my water bottle. I really like the convenience of them, like the low calorie content, like the fact that they give my water an extra boost of flavor and electrolytes.

But I hate the fizz.

I am so not a fan of fizzy drinks. Plus, the tabs cause pressure buildup in my Podium bottles which causes the drink to shoot out of my bottle. Annoying when I have my Delaney pack on my back for a long run, as I get a wet, sticky back and lose more drink to ejection than drinking.

Do you know of any similar products - I'd prefer tablets rather than single serve packets - that give me electrolytes in a low calorie, easy to cart in my back jersey or throw in a bag in the truck sort of package? Not looking for Salt Tabs or Endurolytes (already have those) - I'm looking for something I can add to water and drink.