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    Do these capris exist?

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    I'm looking for some capris or knickers (in the American sense, not British ) to wear cycling. I don't necessarily want cycling-specific capris. I'd like something loose enough to wear over biking shorts, with a little stretch - just enough to prevent bunching, a waist high enough for cycling. Lightweight. I sometimes just want to look a little nice when I'm out for a ride and may stop in a shop or restaurant.

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    Try this:

    go to TE> Apparel (the tab creates a huge menu)>bottoms>knickers/capris>loose fit

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    For most of my rides, I use a baggy short or capri over liner shorts. I feel more comfortable, since I tend to go on longer rides where we'll stop for lunch in between or right after the ride. If you're open to shorts, as well as capris, you'll have plenty of options in the mountain bike short sections of most bike shops and online.

    My two favorite capris:
    I have the Sugoi Greta capris and I LOVE them. (See link below.) I sometimes swap out the liner with another liner short, depending on the level of padding I want. They're light, have just enough stretch, they wick moisture quickly, and I don't feel like a lycra sausage when I get off my bike. I also use them liner-less when I go hiking or walking the dog. My one complaint is that the pockets in front close with velcro. This can be a bummer since velcro can snag your lycra gloves, jersey, etc.


    I also have some grey knickers from Louis Garneau that appear to have been discontinued, but there is a similar design out right now. (See link below.) I liked those so much that I bought two pairs.


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    I have sometimes used running capris over bike shorts. There are various styles, either the relatively tight fitting lycra or softer, looser materials. Discount stores like Ross sometimes had great deals on things like that.
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