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    Question TE PI gift sale...gloves help...

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    So here are my current gloves in this pic above. They are PI, markings say "Gel-Lite", and inside for size it says "S-M". The other tags I musta cut out at some point. They are well used and loved as you can see by their wear.

    I'm thinking if I take advantage of the sale TE has now where you get a free PI gift... I will get gloves. But I do not see my beloved gloves anylonger for sale. From what I can tell, I think they are closest to these, "Elite Gel" http://www.teamestrogen.com/prodPI_14241301.html.

    I have no idea how far back our account records date back on TE, but I'm sure I bought the old pair here as well. I do remember they were more expensive than average. The palm seems to have a bit of leather, as you can see. BUT, they are not that gawd awful version PI made that had a *hard* and visible gel pad...tried those, and it was a return for me, bout like having a rock in your shoe, except with your hands/gloves.

    So what's the closest to my sweet loyal gloves?

    EDIT p.s. I would almost get these, "Pittards Slip On Leather" http://www.teamestrogen.com/prodPI_14241202.html because the palms are leather, like my current pair has some leather...but they are pull on ...and while my hands are broad and thin, my wrists are extra tiny... I'm not sure they would stay on as well (and not a sale free gift, of course, since they are more lol).

    p.p.s. Wow accounts go back a long ways here! I got em in 2008 and they were PI "Gel-Lite" PI-85555-BK-S $35.95 back then. Hmmm...
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    I can't answer, Miranda, except to say that I have had these same PI Gel-Lite gloves and loved them too! They fit just right and worked very well for me. Sorry to hear they may no longer be available. I get so tired of "planned obsolescence" of so many items these days. So often the replacement models don't work/fit as well and are more expensive, of course!

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    I MAY have a pair of these that I don't care for...let me go digging around. If I still have them they are yours. I like the design, but they ALWAYS get too tight for me, unsure why. Something about the design makes my hands swell too much. I love my Gore short finger gloves for the road - not much padding but there grippy stuff in the palm that doubles for some light padding but not too much.
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    Omg I hate it when they do that! Discountinue the most fav thing! That happened with both my fav indoor and outdoor cycling shorts too! Hmmm, can't say that I recall having the gloves get tight, but they are snug, which I guess I must not mind lol.



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