My partner and I took a short trip to Madison, WI (while in the Chicago area for another event) to go to a paddling show, Canoecopia. When we pulled into the parking lot, there was a big sales event called BikeORama in the same convention area. Bonus!

It was a great place to see hundreds of bikes all in one place - all types and quite a selection of brands. Apparently this show has been put on for 20 years by some local bike shops. Similar to the products at the paddling show, everything was marked below retail.

Today we're going to downtown Detroit for Detroit Bike City. In its second year, it's a showcase for local bike builders, a swap meet for trades and sales, and local vendors/shops will have sales.

These events are keeping our interest peaked for when we can ride again (it snowed again last night). I was already riding last year at this time due to an unseasonably warm March. I can't wait to ride soon!