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Thread: OT: Slob

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    Quote Originally Posted by slinkedog
    I believe in the bible and it really makes me sad to see it taken out of context and ridiculed in a place where I have always felt good about visiting and where I have made some really good friends. I could sit here and take apart all of those mean-spirited posts making fun of the bible, but I won't bother. Suffice it to say that I am a sad TE'er this day.
    Don't be sad . I think not everyone is prepared to read something like that specially if you are a Christian. I believe that the purpose of the jokes is to show how some Christians and religious leaders "pick and choose" from the Bible what is convenient to them. Like I said, not very many people take the joke lightly. It is NOT an attack on the Bible but is just an attack on some Christians (not the Christian in this board but those who use religion to control the masses).
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    In a sense this thread has been hijacked. Beta I'm sorry your boy friend is a slob. I know you'll think about it and do the right thing whatever that thing is. Bottom line, he is what he is (and only you and he know that) and you are what you are. Take that into account and consider what needs to be done.

    Back to the hijack, for 3 years I've been studying "Apologetics" or "Defending the Faith." As an evangelical Christian part of my beliefs system is to witness to others and help them understand my passion for the Lord and hopefully persuade, through word and example, that my way is the right way. BUT I truly believe everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and opinions and that I do not have the right to judge anyone because their beliefs are different then mine. Only God has the power to judge. Who am I to cast the first stone?

    Christianity is an interesting discipline to study. One concept that is hard to understand is that God has given us the right to choice. As example, God is usually equated to being a lover or a father. You can't force or buy love. It must come freely through free will. All God can do (and us his followers) is show you what he is all about and hope you learn to embrace and love him. But if you don't it's your choice. That is one of the most powerful messages contained in the Bible.

    OK so are there good Christians out there? Yes, lots of good ones but bad ones as well (too many in fact). It's true, not everyone follows the bible. I try but am weak and make lots of mistakes. No human is perfect and we fail time and time again. It would be like I judge all gay people on one bad apple. Is that fair to the entire gay community? Over the last 40 years I have had many gay friends, mostly male, but some female. I have sat with my male friends as they slowly died from AIDS. It broke my heart to see these good people suffer. I have a lesbian friend I ride with. No big deal she and I don't talk much about our sex lives as that's private but we do talk about everything else and I enjoy her company. Do we talk abut religion and politics? Yes whenever its brought up and trust me my friend and I have gotten into some rip dooser arguments but we still remain friends. Why? Because we respect each other's point of view. I have something to learn from her and she from me.

    Just my observation and again since this is a written not verbal media, I might have misunderstood, but I felt (as did others) some of the posts to be very nasty and condemning of my Christian, conservative beliefs. I welcome an open discussion and understand different folks have a different viewpoint about all sorts of different things but we all are entitled to our viewpoint. If I don't condemn yours, please don't condemn mine or PKQ's or Slinke's. Please continue to post your thoughts, but let's make sure everyone's viewpoint is respected.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bcipam
    Please continue to post your thoughts, but let's make sure everyone's viewpoint is respected.
    As they have been, for no one has been silenced or forced to belive something that she does not want to believe.
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    Originally Posted by bcipam
    Please continue to post your thoughts, but let's make sure everyone's viewpoint is respected.

    Quote Originally Posted by abuelitodimetu
    As they have been, for no one has been silenced or forced to belive something that she does not want to believe.
    There are lots of ways to be disrespectful through language, tone and innuendo without actually trying to silence someone or "force" them in anyway.

    The fact that at least three people have voiced feeling offended shows that there is a problem with this thread. Failure to drop the topic when someone says they are offended shows disrespect in this environment. This has not been a friendly debate, but a series of posts ridiculing peoples' core beliefs.

    Politics and religion - two topics not suited for polite company.

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    Closing thread

    I've decided to close this thread.

    I'm not trying to stifle debate, but I do think that feelings are being hurt, however unintentional.

    I've had a few PMs from people thinking about leaving the forums because of this thread. I would hate to see that happen! Please, let's remember what brings us all here together.


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