I have Sidi women's shoes, size 41. They generally fit okay though I have to fasten the velcro straps loosely. Last year one of the LBS managers noticed the way I had the straps and suggested I get a pair in wide.

Over the winter I had problems with a new pair of running shoes that were too narrow and caused pain in the outside part of my left foot at the widest part (near the base of the toes). New running shoes in a different brand seemed to solve the problem at the time, but now that I'm back to cycling the pain is back. And my Sidis are pretty worn (I think they are at least 6 years old) so this is probably a good time to get new shoes.

I would prefer to get them at my LBS. They carry Sidis as well as Bontragers, Mavic, LG, Pearl Izumi, Shimano and Giro. (Those are the brands listed on their website, which means I should be able to special order them if they are not in stock at the store.)

Any suggestions on what works for wide feet?