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    How has cycling changed my life? Let me count the ways...

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    As we're about to set the clocks forward for daylight savings it occurred to me, before cycling this would have been a reason to complain, "One hour of lost sleep! *grumble, grumble*" but now I'm like, "More hours of daylight to ride in!"
    It got me thinking about all the other things cycling has turned around in my life:

    Fall and Winter used to be my favorite seasons...now I mark the days till it they're over.

    Farmer tans used to be taboo, now they're a source of pride.

    Cars are now the enemy!

    I now categorize my friends as "cyclists" and "non-cyclists" ...and all my "non-cyclist" friends think I've gone a little loopy in the head because of my bike obsession.

    I wear spandex...in public!

    The rain used to be a reason to chill and take it easy (I live in the Pacific Northwest) now I curse the rain because, "I just cleaned my bike!!!"

    A date with my husband now involves riding to the next county and seeing who can climb up "Big Bertha" the fastest.

    I know where to find the best deals on electrolyte tablets, cliff bars, gel packs, and butt cream.

    The car needs work and yet money still goes to the bike.

    and so much more.

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    Cycling has really changed my life into a lifestyle, now enlarged to include other sports, so I am outside all of the time.
    Before, I was fit, but it was something I did at 5 AM, or after work, at the gym, and then went on with the rest of my life.
    My roster of non-cycling friends has dwindled down to 1 or 2 who probably can tolerate me blabbing on about what i do.
    I no longer spend my weekends shopping!
    DH and I live a lifestyle totally centered around outdoor activity. If we hadn't developed these interests, we'd be lolling around, sitting on the couch, waddling into our retirement.
    I enjoy cooking even more, because it's part of an active lifestyle and a huge part of maintaining my health.
    It's something I share with my grown up sons.
    If I hadn't started cycling, I wouldn't have met the "Wednesday Wheelers," all of you on TE, joined AMC, or met our best friends.
    And I can thank my little Scotty, who at age 14 changed our whole family by developing an interest in cycling.
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    Your thread is perfect timing, as I was going to post a similar one last night, but was too tired, lol.

    Normally, I don't like to try new things. I especially don't like to try new things alone. For better or worse, that is just part of me. But cycling has helped me get outside my comfort zone a bit.

    Yesterday, I met a new group for a trail ride. My idea of a trail was a bit different than theirs, lol, as it was singletrack (I think that is the right term! I thought we were doing much easier path riding.) Anyway, it was much more than my bike or I could really handle (I don't have a true mtb). It was a tough ride, but at the end, I was glad I had tried it, glad I met some new folks. It is a good reminder to me to push myself a bit to try new things.

    And like you, cycling is the only activity that I have ever willingly gotten up early for on the weekends, when I would normally prefer to lay in bed all morning.

    I can't quite put my finger on why cycling clicked with me, but I am so glad it did!

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    Feb 2012
    In addition to what's already been said, I am now quite comfortable hanging out with a bunch of guys every weekend without any makeup on at all.
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    Murielex, I don't wear make-up at work 99% of the time..for the last 5 years. And I do wear some dress outfits ..without face make-up. And I work in a govn't dept. with over 50% men. (we have engineering, surveying services, geo-spatial mapping services in our division). 4 years ago, it was 85% men.

    My rationale is: the best beauty and fashion statement for any woman or guy as they age, is good health and fitness. It wins me hands down. I don't care what others think anymore. It's less bother when I change into work clothing from cycling clothing at work.

    My roster of non-cycling friends has dwindled down to 1 or 2 who probably can tolerate me blabbing on about what i do.
    I no longer spend my weekends shopping!
    Well, I have to say my closest women friends (some who are long time..over last 30 yrs. and more recent), are women who at least try to do something about their health over the years. Not necessarily cycling. It just makes it easier for all of us as we find things to do together, share interests and similar values/lifestyles.

    Yes, my life has changed due to cycling. How I see the world from the saddle, I'm much more attuned to issues related to transportation, health and urban design in general wherever I travel. And yes, I shop in general less. It's a less consumerist lifestyle since one is outdoors a lot not in shopping malls. I don't consider buying cycling clothing on the same cost scale as buying and operating a car regularily. Faaaar from it!

    True, part of fun with dearie are bike rides together. It's unspoken language for us.. During the first few years of knowing one another, we also have learned more about our different personalities between he and I through cycling: he's much more patient than I. He's not a competitive person, especially when he wants a family member to continue to love cycling. We have also learned as a couple what it means to support and trust one another at a distance...when he goes on solo cycling trips for weeks, we find ways to communicate daily, share cycling experiences of the day. Not all couples can deal with this type of situation happily.

    He has a slightly more technical approach than I about cycling issues which makes him really good in areas of cycling advocacy when working with municipal authorities long term. One needs enormous patience to sit through endless technical meetings with city engineers. I'm more into sharing cycling culture and lifestyle with other people. So we complement each other in the world of cycling.

    We also blog on each other's cycling blogs. It really is cycling love on-bike ....and off-bike for the world to see.
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    Cycling has given me, and allows me to maintain, a certain level of fitness; it has allowed me to raise lots and lots of money for good causes while having fun and riding a bike; I have seen and explored places that I never would have without the bike; and, as mentioned by the OP, it has given me an entirely different set of cycling buddy friends who understand the language of butt cream, chamois, cassettes, cranks, headwinds from hell....

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