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    For a while last year, my husband seemed to be leaving his wallet behind when ever he went to the grocery store or CVS (work was stressing him out) but we always got a call letting him know that they had it. Nothing was ever stolen.
    I've found a couple of wallets in parking lots over the years and turned them in and once I found $60 in the grocery store and gave it to the manager.
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    Both Donald and I have found cell phones and wallets and returned them many times. Sometimes people even force you to take a reward!

    But when you are a repeat finder, sometimes you find stuff that you just keep. We found countless stuffed animals along our rides (many whose faces appeared here somewhere in the forum) as well as lots of money (coins usually) and earrings.

    But on one of Donald's last solo bike rides he found a gold bracelet. It was on the sidewalk near a bank and a supermarket. He brought it home and gave it to me. I still wear it. It is part of the magic that surrounded him in his last months of life. We looked in the paper and on craigslist to see if anyone had reported it lost, but there was nothing.
    I know that one of these days, this bracelet is going to fall off of me and then it will become someone else's. In the meantime, it is one of the last things my darling ever gave me; right in time for our anniversary last year.

    then just last month, right in time for Valentine's day, I found a brand new Starbuck's Card on the ground. It had 25 bucks on it. What could I do? I thanked him.

    and that's the rest of the story.
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    Mimi- Your post made me smile.

    I try to find the owners of things I find if it is the type of item you can find the owner. I find countless water bottles mountain biking that have bounced out of the bottle cage. When I find one I stick it in my bottle cage or extra jersey pocket and watch for a rider without water. Once I have found the owner, one time I found a terribly unprepared young family who took the water (it was 100 degrees), most of the time I take them home and wash them then add them to the collection. I find tons of ponytail ties, I rinse them and give them to my cat because it is her favorite toy.

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    This was years ago, but I was on my way home with my son from a soccer game. I had the most HORRIBLE cold you can imagine, and my head was even foggier than usual. I stopped at the ATM in my car to make a withdrawal and then proceeded to drive off, leaving my card in the machine... I hadn't even finished the transaction, it was on the screen that said "do you want to make another transaction"!!!!!!! Didn't even realize what I had done.

    Drove home, and then just collapsed on the couch. Well, pretty soon I got a strange call, asking me my name, and if I banked at such and such... I am always suspicious, so I'm a little terse with him, thinking he wanted to sell me something or was trying to scam me maybe. Finally I figure out what he was saying. Never been so shocked and relieved at the same time. This man had tried to follow my car home, to return my debit card, and failing that, he went home, looked us up in the phone book and called and then came over and brought it to me. I was so grateful, and thanked him over and over, but because I was so sick, never even thought to get his name or anything so I could try to send him a thank you gift later, or at least bring him over a cake or something. I hope that his good karma rewarded him later though.

    When I think of what COULD have happened... OMG.
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    This morning on my way into work (bike commuting) I spotted a credit cardish looking thing in the gravel on the corner a couple blocks from my office. Stopped to pick it up. It was not signed on the back, recently issued maybe. Then I noticed a lot of papers strewn around across the street and in a church parking lot. Went over to look at a couple. Same name as on the credit card. From the variety of papers it looked like this person just had a kid, was on food stamps, had overdue bills, etc. I picked up one that had the address on it. Maybe I'd try to get the credit card back to the person.

    When I told one of my coworkers about this she wanted to help. Person had a unique name so she was easily able to find her on FB, etc. and send a message. Haven't heard if she got a hold of this person yet.
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