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Thread: March Runs

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    Quote Originally Posted by VeganBikeChick View Post
    I thought running 2 days in a row was supposed to make the second day easier
    Who told you that?! When your muscles are tired your muscles are tired, and that doesn't make anything FEEL easier! Consistent running will make it come easier, but that doesn't mean you don't feel stronger with rest and more fatigued without it. (Why d'ya think I'm on a 3-week taper ... many people prefer 4 weeks!)

    No reason at all to feel "defeated" .... feel strong and proud!
    Speed comes from what you put behind you. - Judi Ketteler

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    About 2 miles into yesterday's long run, I tripped on an uneven sidewalk in some really bad light. The way the trees cast shadows in the streetlights in that neighborhood... Oh well. I fell well, I guess. Some scrapes and bruises, but otherwise ok. Ended up cutting it short and only went 5.5 miles. That particular neighborhood has caused me problems before; slipped on some ice just around the corner a couple years ago. And I came as close to being hit by a car while on a bike as I ever have near there too. Think I'll be sticking to poor neighborhoods for a while; the slums are a lot safer than that rich area.

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    Hi all! I have not been posting or running very regularly--but working on it. Last weekend was a 15K trail run. Quite a challenge but I loved it. And I was not last. I have a 10 mile adventure run in a few weeks so need to get the runs in. Did 6 miles today. It was a beautiful spring day here in FL. Been missing this weather. Sadly no trails close to run so just getting in miles on the pavement.




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