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Thread: 50k

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    So I turn 50 this year in December. I don't want to turn 50 sitting on my butt eating cake and drinking (although that maybe part of the celebration). I'm looking for a challenge to occur around my birthday (Dec 10th) or maybe even January. I have been looking at some challenging 1/2 marathons (been there, done that) or maybe a marathon (only did that once). But now I have it in my head maybe I should find a 50K. So does anyone know of a 50K race around the time I spoke of? I am willing to travel (obviously) and I can do "cool weather" but cold and snow is a bit much for this Florida gal. I also know most 50K's are trail, that is fine, as long as it not toooo challenging (flatlander here). But I am up for a challenge.

    Also, any books out there good for someone training for their first 50K?

    Lastly, anyone heard about the North Face Endurance Challenge outside of San Francisco? I looks pretty challenging so I may would only stick to the 1/2 marathon distance.

    Thanks for any input!!


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    Not sure if you are familiar with Ultra Signup, but they list many of the 50k races that occur in the country (not all of them, but a whole lot of them). Come to Utah in October and run on an island in the Great Salt Lake (not showing on USU yet but it's run by this outfit)!

    If you are thinking Cali, check out Coastal Trail Runs. I've done the Spooner's Cove event. The 50k is two laps of the 25k--not my favorite. But Montana de Oro is amazingly beautiful. I have hiked the Skyline to the Sea trail; it's gorgeous. This would be an awesome run!

    Coastal Trail Runs is an outfit that grew out of a division of the original Pacific Coast Trail Runs (which went belly up in 2011 but is back apparently). I did the Woodside 50k years ago. It was my first 50k. It was awesome. You run in the redwoods near Stanford and it is close to the ocean so you could make a trip of it.

    As for books, I've read a few and probably like Relentless Forward Progress (Bryon Powell) the best. It's not the best writing in the world but it has a lot of good, practical advice. Also check out these websites:

    run 100s

    Enjoy the training journey. No one ever does just one

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    I just saw this and thought of you. http://www.active.com/running/Articl...ckle-a-50K.htm It's more a brief race report than actual "tips," but it does talk about some of the different focuses the runner found valuable in different terrain.

    Good luck!!!
    Speed comes from what you put behind you. - Judi Ketteler

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    I am doing my first 50K next week... kind of nervous about it, but really excited, too!
    I can do five more miles.

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    Re: 50k

    Quote Originally Posted by indigoiis View Post
    I am doing my first 50K next week... kind of nervous about it, but really excited, too!
    Good luck and have fun!



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