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    Katy, Texas

    the good, the bad and the ugly

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    The Good- WOOT!!! all three of my siters and I got into the 100 mile ride on the Little Red Riding Hood ride in Utah on June first. Go Team Star J (after the ranch where 2 of the four of us grew up.) The oldest rider is 69 followed by me who will have just turned 65 and my twin sisters age 59.

    Yee hah, ride sistas,ride!

    The Bad- yesterday was a perfect riding day, temps in the mid 60's and no wind. There I was riding along enoying the moment. Next thing I knew there was a rock ( golf ball size and headed for my face), the rumble strip and then the road slapped me in the face. Expenisve trip to ER, thanks to two ambulances being called out and one sent away again, and home again all the same day.

    The Ugly- broken aero bar, jammed brakes, but the frame seems ok. The first stop after I rescue it from the Firehouse where it is being held for me will be the bike store for rest recuperation and repair for my poor BeBe. I will need a new helmet as curret helmet has the top right outer layer peeled off and cracks throughout. Some road rash on right arm, leg , lots of interesting bruises as well, not to mention the black and blue spots caused by various ER technicians taking repeated blood samples and trying to start IVs.

    The Ugliest- my face, or at least the right side of my face. I have a strap shaped bruise stretching from the corner of my mouth to the corner of my jaw, A pretty nasty still oozing scrape running across the cheekbone from the coner of the eye to into the hairline. and another the same condition on my forehead, and then there is the black eye which is currently wine red ( soon to be blue blak I am sure) and swollen nearly shut.

    Back to the good- I am up, walking around, talking coherently,and able to take nutrition but will be taking a few days off from the gym and postponing my dentist appoint.

    Anyone you can walk away from is a good one. I was lucky but I can also thank the training and conditioning.

    marni - too old to be pretty and too tough to kill.
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    Katy, Texas
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    Whoa! The riding with four sisters sounds amazing, but the rest sounds downright horrible. I'm glad you're going to be okay, but eeeeek!
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    Oooooow. Heal quickly. Glad you have that ride to look forward to.

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    Oh man. Heal up quick.

    Make sure you get your neck and shoulders checked out by a good osteopath, chiropractor and/or massage therapist. You can't land on your head without tweaking your neck. Best to get everything in good alignment now rather than let things heal and set in bad movement patterns.

    Don't skimp on the pain meds. After both of my recent crashes naproxen (Aleve) helped more than anything, but it was nice to have the ER's narcotic to fall back on too.

    And don't neglect rest ... pain is exhausting, which will deplete you in every way. I sometimes think the pain I'm not aware of is even more exhausting than the pain I am aware of, because it's too easy not to rest...

    Speed comes from what you put behind you. - Judi Ketteler

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    Geez, Marni, heal up quickly!
    +1 on what Oak said. My stupid slam the car door into your forehead accident in November has caused me a lot of issues, which have boiled down to whiplash/neck/shoulder pain. It took me awhile to figure this out. Did I rest? Well, minimally. Do yourself a favor, and have someone (professional of your choice) look at your neck.
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    Wishing you a quick recovery!

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    Owwwwww, Marni! That sounds incredibly painful, and what a scary incident. Did the rock come up off a truck tire or something? Just wondering how it was hurtling towards you.

    Hope you heal up quickly with no aftereffects.

    Congrats on getting into the 100-mile ride, tho!

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    Ow Marni. Feel better!
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    Darn, not the way you want to end a bike ride. Good to hear nothing is broken. Be sure to take it easy and allow your body to rest and heal.

    That's awesome about being able to ride with your sisters in June!

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    Marni, so glad it wasn't worse... very scary incident! Sounds like you have a great attitude though, that is an inspiration for all of us. Hope you can get back on the bike and be ready for the ride in June with your sisters. I think you were talking about this ride before, isn't that a ride just for women? What fun to look forward to.

    Heal quickly!
    "Don't go too fast, but I go pretty far"

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    Oh ow! Glad you are mostly ok. I'm agreeing with the others on the osteopath. I just saw mine yesterday - I waited two weeks from the accident to let my head recover (concussion). I have to go back in a few more weeks, but FULLY recommend going. It helps.
    Heal well and quickly!
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    Owie. Heal quickly and as others have said could have been much worse. Did anyone stop? How did the cavalry arrive?
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    That sucks Marni

    How cool is it though that you have sisters to ride with! Hope you heal fast. I know you'll be tender for awhile.
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