This mornings individual workout was short and sweet - all done in 35 minutes:

3 rounds of 5 kettlebell squat/cleans, 10 TRX racked rows, 15 ABMAT extended sit-ups

800 meters sled-dragging in full harness (sled behind me). 800 meters = 4 laps

Lap 1 - 25 pound weight on sled
Lap 2 = 50 pounds weight
Lap 3 = 75 pounds weight
Lap 4 = 100 pounds weight

That was only .5 mile, when I do this on my own I will complete the mile by removing a 25 pound plate for each lab starting with number 5.

My PT TOLD him that I need to do a lot more pulling exercises right now - Tony made that happen for sure! It was fun though - the goal was not to stop as each time I stopped meant 1 minute on the rope machine since I am not doing pushups right now. I only stopped to have more weight added