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    Cold weather locks?

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    Any suggestions? I generally use a cable lock with a key, but when it's really cold it's hard to work. The cable gets very stiff and the lock mechanism is sort of sticky. I'm afraid someday I'll be ready to head home at the end of the day and not be able to unlock the bike. I generally will not go by bike if it's much under 20F, btw, but this lock is a problem even when it's that warm.


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    I'd suggest getting a short shackle U lock for all of the time. Cable locks are merely a suggestion to not walk away with a bike that not yours.... they don't do much to deter a thief who actually wants your bike. A really determined one will be able to eventually beat a U lock too, but it takes more than just a simple snip.
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    What Eden said. Get the shortest shackle that you can get around your bike, the front wheel and whatever you're looking the bike to.
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    Maybe a little oil in the lock? My U-lock is ok with the cold weather, but the padlock on the shed freezes. That is my excuse for keeping my bike inside during the winter. Maybe keep one of those chemical hand warmers in your office or bag, just in case your lock has frozen shut. We had a car that we almost broke the key off in the lock because the lock froze. (That was long ago in the days of manual locks.)
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    This is the second time I've looked at the thread title and seen: "Cold Weather SOCKS". I'm wearing my glasses, really I am!!!!
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