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    Specialized Jett Expert

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    It looks like Specialized has discontinued this saddle except the one with the gel. It was so painful finding a saddle I like in the past. Does anyone know what has replaced this saddle?

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    I, too, mourn the loss of the Jett Expert. As far as I can tell, they've discontinued the "expert" version of all their saddles except the performance-oriented ones (ie, the least padding). Apparently those of us who like a little more padding don't actually care how much it weighs.

    I have 2 Jetts from back when they didn't offer two versions (ie, hollow Ti rails and carbon shell), one on my road bike and one as a spare. I also have two "normal" Jetts, neither of which is actually on a bike at the moment (and one of which is in my possession because of a confused eBay seller, I think). I'm not sure there's a huge difference between the Expert and the Comp versions of the saddle except the carbon shell and the Ti rails (so, weight). I haven't actually ridden on either newer Jett yet, though.

    Give the gel a shot. If weight is an issue, try a Ruby. I have Muirenn's old Ruby on my CX bike right now (it was the only spare saddle I have in my possession), and it's quite comfortable, even though it's probably toast and a little too wide. In the meantime, I'm snapping up as many of the old Jetts as I can find. Check out the local Specialized dealers too. They might have some lying around.
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