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Thread: ISM Adamo?

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    ISM Adamo?

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    In the quest for the right saddle for me, I'm trying an Adamo - Has anyone else tried one of these? I'm finding the relief from pressure on my soft tissue is a great step forward but it's taking a while for my sit-bones to stop complaining (they're feeling very pointy, as if there's no padding between them and my skin (but in truth there's more than enough !). Is it worth persisting? I had a bike fit recently but since then have only been able to use the bike on the trainer so maybe it's as mentioned on the Cervelo website (see earlier post / link in this thread for that very interesting article on saddle fitting guidance) that it'll be better once I'm back on the road.

    P.S. sorry, I referred to 'see earlier post/link in this thread' but of course it's not this thread, it's the Saddle Fit: tips, tricks etc one and the Cervelo link is: http://www.cervelo.com/en/engineerin...-saddles-.html
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