That does sound like over training.
I went to a spin class yesterday for the first time in about a month. I worked hard, lots of climbing, which I do almost entirely seated, and I sweat a lot.
The spin participants at this gym are such a motley lot, the time passes quickly, because I am people watching. But, they talk too much. I'm there to work, not socialize. There are a few of the other people from boot camp there, but I don't usually have a bike near them, as they all come late.
I had some "hoo ha" issues yesterday, which I attribute to wearing one of the newer pairs of Sugoi RS shorts my DH bought me. The chamois is just a little thicker and wider than my older pairs, and because I got them at the end of the season, they haven't been broken down in the wash enough. That, combined with the crappy spin bike seats did it, but I am fine now. Back to my Bellas for spin.