Today I did my Yoga-Spin program, from the Cyclo-Core set.
Five minutes of warm up yoga
Get on the bike, do 5 minute warm up spin in easy gear at 80 rpm
Then, did 5 X 3 minute intervals, using ascending gearing, until I was in the hardest one, which is 52/11. One minute rest interval in between.
Of course, I ignored the directions to keep the cadence at +100 (yeah, right), but due to the past 2 weeks of doing some other types of trainer stuff, I could keep a steady cadence of 50 until I hit the hardest gear, and then it slipped a bit.
Two minute cool down, 80-90 rpm in an easy gear, get off of the bike and...
Twelve minutes of power yoga, holding poses for at least 30 seconds to a minute.

One thing I noticed today is that I had the natural urge to stand on the trainer and stretch, and when I did this, my cadence actually went up for the first time, ever. I hope this transfers to outside, so when I see DH do his acceleration, I can try to stay behind him. Being that I am always behind him, I can always know when he is going to do this and it looks so easy, until I try to do it.