I recently ordered a new pair of Neo Power shorts. I've been wearing my first pair for more than a year, for rides anywhere from 25-70 miles at a time.

The chamois in the new shorts looks the same but it feels thicker, particularly the center section. It feels too thick and too wide when I'm standing or walking. I tried sitting on my bike with them and I guess they're okay then, though the whole I reason I switched to these shorts was because I needed a thinner chamois so I'm a bit worried about how they'll feel after an hour or two (or three or four...).

Has anyone else noticed a difference with the chamois between a new pair and and an old pair of these shorts?

I haven't cut the tags off yet and have only tried them on with underwear, in case I want to return them. I don't know if I should just keep them and hope they'll be comfortable when I'm riding, or if I should return them.