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    Opinions, please?

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    I feel like I'm starting to ride all over again, although this time I think I have a better idea what I want.

    This is the mountain bike I'm looking at: http://www.fujibikes.com/bike/details/nevada_29_11_d
    (The other one I'm looking at is the Giant Talon 0)
    Decentish drivetrain components, disc brakes, and because I work for a Fuji dealer, I get a very nice discount on it.

    I have no clue about the fork. Or sizing. I imagine a small/15-16"? (Fuji does strange things with sizing, though.)
    At least I don't leave slime trails.

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    I would say the 17. Can you test ride some mountain bikes with similar tt's in different brands if that one is not available?

    And consider a zero-offset seat post to take care of the long legs issue rather than a too small bike? I'm much better off since my fitter put me on them for all my bikes. It's the only way to get over the pedals and ride a bike that isn't too small. Even on too small bikes, seems to help. And my new (used) mountain bike now has one. Much better.

    Can't comment on the mountain bike itself except to say it's lovely!

    Edit: Oh, one comment is that the All Mountain style is great to start according to that chart Irulan posted. But I suppose you know that since you started that three? It was later, though.
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    Re: Opinions, please?

    I don't know enough to have an opinion, but it's pretty! :-) I am 5'3 and on a men's 15 inch if that helps any. 29 inch inseam.
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    Opinions, please?

    The standover on the 15" frame is quite high. Over 78 cm. I'm 5'4 with a 29'5 inseam and no way it would fit me. Unless you have very long legs or you're a high girl, you wouldn't be able to stand over the frame with both legs on the ground.
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