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    What bathroom scale do you like?

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    I have tried Tanita and I liked it but it wore out fast. I have one by Omron that I thought I would like but it doesn't have a backlit screen which I need on a dark morning. I would like the body fat monitor to be sort of accurate at least, for a bathroom scale, and allow for an athletic setting for women. I really hate the Omron one I have now. In all fairness, the body fat is too high. Makes me mad, I know I have more lean mass than that but the strength training I'm doing messes up the reading and there's no activity level adjustment.

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    I use an old fashioned Dr. type scale made by Detecto. It's the kind with a balance beam and you have to slide counter weights to get it to balance. It is amazingly accurate and you can calibrate it, however it's not needed calibration in years. Periodically I check it against canned goods, always spot on. It doesn't do anything but weigh what you put on it.
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    I've had the same Tanita scale for about 12 years. I wonder if you just had a bad one, because mine is very accurate.
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    None of them. They are all depressing.
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    I believe Taylor has a scale that has a setting for activity level.

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    I have a Soehnle. I bought it in 2001 and still works great. I don't know the actual model number, but it looks just like this one at Amazon and was a similar price when I bought it. (Not cheap). I never researched scales that show body fat, but I'd be skeptical about the accuracy of any scale that claims to do that. But since I've never looked into it, maybe I'm wrong. I was prepared to spend more money on a scale that I felt was accurate and I feel this one is. Also, when you get on, off and back on, it says the same thing (as long as the scale is in the exact same spot). Other scales I tried didn't always show the same number when I'd step off and back on. The only thing that seems to make it change readings just a bit (like a few tenths maybe), is if the scale is moved a little.

    The one I have is not backlit, but I didn't check to see if the version below is.


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