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Thread: Almond butter

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    It's odd you brought this up as I've been not liking the almond butter I bought at trader joes until I put it in the food processor to finally get it mixed properly. Before that it was much like u said, stinky and bitter. It tastes awesome now as an almond butter and honey sandwich. Mine was hard like concrete in the bottom there was no way to mix that up with a butter knife!

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    One thing I do with any nut butter, is when I bring it home, I turn the jar upside down and leave it on the counter OUT of the fridge for a couple of days. That really makes mixing easier, especially when the jar's been on the store shelves for a while. Once you put it in the fridge, it's going to be really hard to mix.

    You could always get one of those gadgets that has a mixing hook incorporated into a jar lid. But single-use tools always seem wasteful to me.
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    I like Kettle brand almond butter. It's great on a sandwich with raspberry jam.
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    We usually make our own almond butter. It's supper easy to make and tastes awesome! I'd venture to say you got some bad nuts! I hope this doesn't spoil you from trying again and hopefully you will have a better experience next time.



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