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    Overuse Issue, Piriformis Syndrome

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    I have had IT band issues for a while, but got lazy about rolling on my quadballer (www.tptherapy.com) Payback stinks. We went to Lake Tahoe recently, and the hiking was insane. 3500 feet of elevation, and some of the most beautiful trails I have ever been on.

    I started getting what I call "pain spikes" in my TFL area on the lateral part of my thigh. Short, sharp stabbing pain, in a localized area. Excrutiating pain. I emailed my physical therapist, and he said roll and stretch for the next seven days for ten minutes on each side. Since doing this, only a couple of minor pain spikes.

    He said it could be nerve pain, and it went so deep, that is kinda what I thought. But as I have very tight hamstring and periformis muscles, I am thinking that it might be along the lines of Periformis syndrome. Not much on the internet on this. All I know, is that I am glad this pain has gone away. I just can't explain it.
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