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    Oct 2012

    Superb LBS in Panama City, FL

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    I just popped in today as they were very helpful on the phone, and I must say... WOW! They've been at their location for 30+ years and the why of it clearly shows! The store is well-stocked in just about anything you could possibly want, and they have total comprehensive bike fittings for free whether you bought your bike from there or not!

    They also let you test ride "sample stock" saddles and bikes for a few days before coming back with your decision. I forgot to pick a sample saddle out even though we'd discussed it at length upon my entry (you can tell I get distracted easily ) but I did come home with my newbie bike fitted as much as possible... and they'll even special order a Crosscheck for me and fit it for free as well once it comes in (if that's what I decide on)!! I could just swoon.

    Everyone was so helpful and very passionate about cycling. They informed me of a triathlon happening early next month -- which I'm certainly not ready for lol -- and recommended techniques for training, nourishment, hydration, and how best to stretch out muscles after a ride. I had no idea biking could alter your overall posture over time... Glad I know now!

    The group here is just amazing when it comes to their profession and they have the most charming southern accents. So glad I found them!

    Website (not as helpful as in-store/phone service): stevesbike.com

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    This is great, Swan. Please keep us posted on how you feel on your test bike, the differences on your rides. It's helpful to jot down notes of how you feel after your rides, areas you are sore following rides on different bikes so you can tell the shop pros. I did this when I was first growing accustomed to riding different test road bikes; I still do this as I'm getting comfortable with a more aggressive position on my road bike. I had my stem changed 3 degrees recently, for example, and if I felt any issues, I would take note. The shop pros should be able to address your pain issues as they work with you to properly fit you. I'm happy that you found a good shop. I'm looking forward to hearing about your progress in finding a better fit.

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    Re: Superb LBS in Panama City, FL

    Glad you had such a positive experience. It makes a world of difference!
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