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    Nov 2012

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    Riding every day, slowly getting fitter and enjoying the heck out of the riding. (Cooler weather now than in August in Texas helps!) If I had not pushed myself to ride Grace-the-Assassin-bike in August every single day I possibly could--took two injury days after falls--I might have quit and wouldn't be as far along as I am. It is annoying that reconditioning at 67 is not like reconditioning at 27, 37, 47, etc, but as long as I don't push to injury (have only done that once with NewBike) the progress continues. Also discovered this week, when Thanksgiving prep kept me off the bike several days, that I now get cranky when I don't have time to ride. Riding the bike definitely works off the irritations of the day.

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    I go biking daily years ago but it's down to twice a week now. Too busy. I only get to do it during weekends.



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