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    Wow. TriGirl, amazing. Double amazing to put it all into words. SadieKate, very nice job.

    I'm a lazy@ss. I blew off running long this weekend, 5 miles in the sub-40 rain was as much as I was up for. Just enough for my feet to get soaked and cold, not enough for them to get blistered and painful. Pool run tomorrow...
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    Quote Originally Posted by katluvr View Post
    Tri Girl....OMG! I just read your blog and checked out the pictures. That is amazing. I looks so cold (where was it)! Still that's amazing!

    It was in Oklahoma City. I packed like I was going on an Alaskan adventure. There was a weird cold front that came through. Nighttime lows were in the low 30's. I had on like 6 layers on top and 3 on the bottom. And I was still chilly (of course, walking doesn't generate enough heat to stay warm, but running would have had me sweating and then freezing so???).
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    Oh my gosh, Tri Girl, I'm going to be giggling for a while after reading your "Stairway of Doom" in the PD Canyon. Hubby and I went to Amarillo to see my G'ma after we were married (yes, in the Dark Ages) and while we were there we had a family outing to a section of the Canyon my uncle owned at the time. Hubby had never been to the Staked Plains. He grew up in Idaho where you travel across the plains and then drive UP perfectly visible mountains. Well, he didn't realize that my uncle asked him to drive one of the Land Cruisers because, as the tallest, he would have the best view over the hood of the, well, nothing as we dived over the edge on the narrow jeep track. 25 years later I think he still has nightmares if you mention that first non-view of that canyon. I think he could relate to your stairway.

    PS - congrats on such a HUGE goal!
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    TriGirl, AHHH cold! The rugby idea looks like so much fun though!

    I need to sign up for that 50K I was thinking of. I've been on the fence, my long runs haven't been that long, but if I slow down I'm sure I can do it.

    If the bottom of my foot heals quickly, anyway. Stepped on a giant splinter of hardwood floor that broke off somewhere in my heel. Doc dug a hole trying to get the rest of it but gave up (he couldn't see anything and didn't want to do anymore without an anesthetic). I can still feel something stabbing if I put my weight down on my heel so I've been limping around since Sunday. Plus they gave me a tetanus shot and it's made me feel like I have the flu. Can't wait til this is all better!

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