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    Custom Wheels - does this look ok

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    I am looking to replace the stock wheels of my Specialized Ruby. I got a quote from a custom builder that is highly recommended on another forum and I want to know what you think of this build. I'm about 105 lbs and ride on rough pothole ridden roads. I'm not looking to race but looking for durability, smoothness and lightness.

    Front=Bitex RAF13 hub laced to a Kinlin XR-270 rim 20f/radialX using DT-Rev-Black spokes and DT-12mm-Brass-Silver nipples
    Rear=Bitex RAR13 hub with Shimano freehub body laced to a Kinlin XR-270 rim 24r/2X using DT-Comp-Black spokes on the Drive Side and laced 2X using DT-Rev-Black spokes on the Non-Drive Side and DT-12mm-Brass-Silver nipples
    Estimated weight should be in the neighborhood of ~1421g

    My other choice in the same price range are these

    I'm apt to go the custom route but would love your opinions!

    Thanks in advance.

    P.S. Apologies if you see this post twice. I originally posted in General Cycling and then decided to re-post here. I then went back to try and delete my other post and was unable to.
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