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    Dollar bill tire boot after use

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    The picture shows a dollar bill that was inside my tire for a few months under a gash. Click image for larger version. 

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    Found it when I had a flat on that tire yesterday, having forgotten it was there. It was folded in thirds inside the tire. Yesterday's flat was caused by a piece of glass, unrelated to the old gash and boot. Was rather surprised at all the rips in the dollar bill. The rips were perpendicular to the direction of tire rotation. I'd guess they happened when I hit bumps with that spot on the tire and the dollar couldn't flex as much as the tire. Maybe dollar bills aren't the best long-term boot. I did put a dollar in a tire on my road bike a couple weeks ago under a 1/4 inch cut, and it removed the slight bulge on the tire so I could ride a 27 mile race without worrying.

    Has anybody else inspected old tire boots? What materials have you used? Which ones have held up the best?
    Oil is good, grease is better.

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    I once used a dollar to boot a tire, but I replaced the tire before I rode the bike again. The dollar stuck to the tube and ripped when I tried to remove it.

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    I never had to use it, but a friend once gave us each a boot made from a cut up old bike tire. Seemed like it would hold up really well as it was much heavier duty than a dollar bill.

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    Dollar bills are our go to boots for road side repairs, generally. We did just get Park Tools adhesive tire patches, I just replaced a dollar bill with one the other day. We've also used pieces of an old Tuffy tire liner. I've honestly never looked at them after removal.

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    When we had our tandem, we had a blow out and tried to use a dollar bill for a boot. We had a very nice hole in the dollar bill when the tube blew through it after we pumped up the tire. Took about 5 minutes (no, the pressure wasn't that high, and the gash wasn't that big).
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    I used a dollar bill after I had 4 flats on a century 6 years ago. However, I would never keep it in there! It's for emergencies, only. I put a new tire on as soon as I got home.
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    Might not be quite the same, but could this help explain the rips in your dollar bill?

    "Flexing of rolling bias ply tires also loosens patches. Laying a standard 3.5x2 inch paper business card between tire and tube will show how severe this action is. After a hundred miles or so, the card will have been shredded into millimeter size confetti."

    I read this in Jobst Brandt's FAQ on patching.

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    I have also used an empty gu packet which is lovely since it sort of sticks in place but then I usually replace the tire at the next opportunity. I keep a couple of pieces of old tube in my seat pack which is also quick and easy and is another use for recycling.
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    I cut up old cycling water bottles, the ones that are really cheap, for tire boots. I put a 2" square in my camelback and another in the road seat bag for emergencies. It should keep the tube from bulging through the tire until I can get it home.
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