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Congrats! I just bought the '05 Dolce Comp myself. I love it so far and just wish I could get out and put more miles on it!!! I will, but I want to ride NOW.

By the way, my hubby says it looks like a dorm around here because I have her parked in my living room!!! She looks so pretty, and I don't want to send her off to the basement just yet. Wouldn't even think of sticking her in the garage!!!

Have fun with the new bike!!!

Mine is also between the living room and dining room on the trainer. My husbands is also just on the other side of the wall. We keep them clean so our house looks like cyclists live here. What a sight we must look like when my girlfriend comes over a couple of times a week during this time of the year and the three of us are on trainers. 10 miles on the trainer goes so quickly this way.