We just returned from Lake Tahoe for our very first visit there. Unreal! We hiked 50 miles on some of the most beautiful trails we have ever hiked! If anyone wants any specifics on any of the trails just email me.

I have never seen bike paths with a yellow line down the middle, and they were almost completely around the lake. And if paths were missing, construction was being done to make them.

Get this. We saw a LWB bent and a Screamer tandem biking up the road towards Emerald Lake. For those of you that are familiar with that area you know that is extremely steep and that there are no guardrails. I of course waved at them and gave them the thumbs up but know that this is not an area that I would bike!

We are thinking about driving out to Lake Tahoe next time so that we can bring our bikes. It is an awesome area absolutely beautiful and I think you all will really enjoy it.