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    portable air compressor suggestiions/ anyone using

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    Does anyone use a portable air compressor to inflate bicycle tires? I would like to use one instead of a pump to top off before riding. I mostly ride from the car as a base so it could plug in to the lighter. I see SLOW inflators for car tires at the box stores but they do not say they are for bicycle tires.

    I am looking for something like a prestaflator. I have presta and schrader valves so a pump for both would be nice.

    I did not find compressors in the forum search or did I not search correctly?


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    I use a portable air compressor that is powered off the cigarette lighter outlet in the car. I've been using one for over 20 years now and I would never consider using a hand pump. My compressor is the simple type that you can buy at any store that sells car accessories. To accommodate the presta valves on my road bike tires, I use an inexpensive little gizmo (available at any bike store for about a dollar) that is screwed onto the presta valve and allows attaching the pump's head (which is made for schrader valves).

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    I don't know anything about portable compressors, but just if you use one make sure you have an accurate tire gauge. Gauges of any kind are most accurate in the middle of their range, so a gauge meant for car tires (whether it's built into the compressor or standalone) might be good enough when you're running fat tires in the 25-40# range, but no use at all for higher pressures.
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