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    Tall girls help, I am looking for a pair of tights to wear in 40 degree weather...

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    I need a longer inseam, in pants I wear a 33-34 inseam. Size 10-12. Most longer athletic pants tends to be tights at my calves. I am looking for long tights with a chamois to keep me warm until the end of the season here in MN. I am hoping to bike until November. Any ideas would be appreciated. I prefer a thinner chamois, the LG and old Sugoi chamois pads were great. PI tends to be too thick.

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    Terry makes a Tall Cool Weather padded bike tight and you can buy it right here at TE. Click on the "Shop" button above, and click down through apparel to tights.

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    Nov 2009
    +100 on the suggestion to look for tights without chamois. You can wear them over regular shorts OR chamois liners (which is what I normally do). This will give you a lot more choices and can be a less expensive option as well. Terry has a very nice chamois liner that I use with both baggy shorts and my tights. Having no pad in the tights also means you can use them for other activities.

    If you are only going to ride through November, then you might want to consider good shoe covers rather than the far more expensive winter boots. Due to my cold-air induced asthma I can't ride in temps much below 36 and I use the PI Barrier shoe covers. These, combined with toe covers underneath them and appropriate smartwool socks keeps my feet toasty warm. I do think I could use them to temps in the low 30s if my asthma allowed it.



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