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    I have a couple of grain-free pancake recipes that I make on occasion, but we don't eat them very often. They just don't have good 'staying' power for me.

    That said, if I lived near a Cracker Barrel, I'd be all over a plate of their pecan pancakes topped with real maple syrup. YUM! (thankfully, there are no Cracker Barrel's in my area)
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    In honor of this thread, I had buttermilk pancakes and bacon for dinner tonight. Now I need to make another batch of pancakes. (I make them in double batches and freeze them.)
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    Recently I started making banana pancakes. The ingredients for 2 pancakes are:
    1 banana
    2 eggs
    That's all!
    Cut the banana and mash it with a fork. Don't worry if there are bigger pieces left. Mix with the eggs and the spices and bake in a pan. Enjoy! They are very healthy and contain no flour.

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    I'm getting hungry reading this thread, y'all make your pancakes sound so good. I like mine with real maple syrup and usually make them from scratch and not a mix. Not because I'm a purist nut but because I don't have pancake mix in the house as a rule but have all the ingredients that go into it readily available. I like blueberry pancakes but my all time favorites are made with banana and pecans. Real butter and pure maple syrup. Yum!

    And by the way, crepes are great too. I usually make them and stuff them with raspberry preserves or fresh strawberry jam and top them with a bit of fresh whipped cream. More yum!
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    I've been thinking about this thread, but we've been on vacation and otherwise occupied for breakfast, so today I made pancakes for breakfast.... 1/3 whole wheat, 1/3 spelt, 1/3 white flour and good buttermilk from the co-op so they're both nice and tangy and light/fluffy/tall. Enjoyed with homemade huckleberry jam and real maple syrup...and fried eggs and little pigs (breakfast link sausages, what I've called them from childhood). Went all out and it was tasty!



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