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    Warrenton going west to Linden/Front Royal-Warren County area

    We are looking on line for homes, and the only ones affordable are in the Linden and FrontRoyal, without having to commute too long to Warrenton for work. With gas prices these days I don't want my husband to go broke going to work- bit ironic. In the summer the ride on his bike would not be so bad. 18 miles from Linden to Warrenton /visaversa. Winter and the snow, must drive, a given. Front Royal we would be close to the mtns. for rides too. The views would be nice. They are building two new High Schools out there and will be complete by 2007-2008 school year. That spells growth and equals a good time to buy it seems, while there is still land with the houses.
    I am so excited! Looking to fly back to US in late June to start the search.

    Anyone know an dog friendly temporary housing quarters to stay in Linden/FrontRoyal with my family (husband, two teen boys, and our doggy) Need to start making reservations soon. under $2000 for a month (prefer less).
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