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    I am a little apprehensive. I signed up for a tour in the mountains. I mostly bike in the flats along the eastern coast. The tour says something about a wall--not expecting many to get to the top. So I wonder, can I take tennis shoes and walk when needed. Or do others find they just give up and use the sag wagon? Or do you ride some, walk some till you get to the top?

    I hope my knees hold out.

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    What kind of a tour is it? Is it a small, private tour or more like RAGBRAI or Bike Virginia? With a private tour company, it's a lot easier to hitch a ride with a support vehicle, although I wouldn't necessarily count on it. Better to ask the tour company your question. If it's a bigger tour, I wouldn't use the SAG vehicle unless you have an emergency or mechanical.

    As for walking up a climb and footwear, I suppose it depends on long of a climb it is. I've walked up short steep climbs in my road shoes, but I've never had to go too far in them. I don't generally have any place to stash tennis shoes. Where would you put yours?
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    is it a mountain bike tour or a road tour? Just curious. Good for you for signing up, tho, and going for it!!
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