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    Unhappy tried adopting a rescue dog.

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    Why the sad face and why the "try"?

    Well we did adopt a rescue dog. He was "advertised" as good with cats, kids and dogs. We have had an awful week with the one year old rescue. He was so unpredictable. Seemed to be okay with the cats. Cats could walk by and no interest. Next minute he almost killed one of my cat. Okay so the cat patched out and ran away from him so we figured it was his instinct that got triggered. Then he would be okay. I tried everything I know of to help him get over. Mind you not only do I rescue cats, but I've been around and caring for dogs for over 20 years. My partner has over 40years. It just wasn't to be with this dog in my household.

    Long story short, I eneded up returning the dog. Drove over 400 miles and 8 hours of my time to return the dog so he would have a second chance at finding his forever home. I could have easily told the rescue group that "hey thanks its working out great" then take the dog to animal control, fill out an affidavid stating he is a danger and menace to society. As a proof he attacked my cat on three separate occasion, which he tried and nearly succeeding in killing my cat. that dog would have been put down that day.

    What do I get for going out of my way to return the dog? Blaming me for the poor handling of the dog. blame me for causing more trauma to the dog. In one year of the dogs life, I was the fifth owner if you include the foster.

    What about thank you for returning the dog and giving hima second chance at finding his forever home.

    Anyway, I'm angry an very hurt by the whole affair. I really shouldn't care about what the other woman thinks of me or what i think of her. It's about the dogs isn't it? I'm giving him a second chance to find a forever home. Isn't that what it's all about? And not some ego or bruised ego or arrogance.

    I gave the woman in writing of the observed behavioral problem of the dog. Will she heed my warning? Nope no way. She's just going to crumple it up and throw it away. I just hope the next family isn't going to be hurt by the dog. Given the right circumstance, the dog will maul a child.

    I did all I can to warn about the dog and his unpredicability, his strong predatory instincts (not the same as aggression), and his extreme separation anxiety which manifest in extreme possessiveness.

    Anyway, drive up to and back from Seattle area was uneventful today.

    I did all I can for the dog and some and I should just let it go. I can't save the world you know...

    BTW the dog is really cute. Big too.

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    Wow! What kind of a shelter claims that a dog like that is good with cats & children? Sounds like a great way to make sure he never gets a real chance. A recipe for disaster.

    You did the right thing. I question the shelter itself (or possibly one person there?). Trying to get dogs adopted at any cost, with no regard for what is likely to happen.

    Grrrrrr. Poor fella.
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    How sad. I'm sorry you were treated that way. It's not fair to you or the dog. Does the person you were dealing with run the shelter or was she just the dog's foster? Perhaps it would be worthwhile to you (and the dog) to bring your concerns and complaints to someone higher up on the food chain. If she is the person in charge and it's a not for profit, I'd suggest writing the board chair/president. Ultimately, they are not serving their mission if they are misrepresenting their dogs' natures, nor are they servicing their mission when they unfairly blame adoptive guardians when the dogs live up to their true nature. No one benefits from that kind of approach.
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    WOW. You did nothing wrong and that woman is not doing good rescue. A good rescue will not place a dog like in a home with small animals. (As long as they know the dog is not good with cats). I realize some foster homes do not have cats. However, in those cases they typically should tell you they do not know if the dog is ok or good with cats. I have a friend who is a foster home for a Golden Retriever rescue in Raleigh. I know they do try to make sure they know the temperament of all the dogs and if they are ok with cats or not. (She has both cats and dogs).

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    Aww... that's a bummer.
    You did a good thing.
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    What a horrible experience! I'm sorry that you had to go through that and it really sounds like the shelter is at fault here. How sad. I hope the shelter listened to your warnings (although it sounds like they didn't) and he finds someone that can give him the kind of care that he needs. Not disclosing those kinds of behaviour issues is a recipe for disaster.
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    The shelter really treated you wrong. You could have just kick the dog out in the street if you were a bad person and who know what would happen. It is not your fault or the dog's fault. It is just you were misinformed by the shelter and it is wrong.

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    Yeah, you were treated wrong. I do get it on their side, they do get people who just don't try and are a PITA. So, they are reacting to them not you.
    I think, though, that they treated you wrong in giving you the dog in the first place. I, too, once rescued a dog. i was told he was "wonderful with other dogs". He wasn't in my house more than an hour when he attacked my elderly little male... he hated male dogs. He got along famously with my female dog, they would have been best buds.
    I had to take him back, my old guy, like your cats, were my responsibility and I couldn't keep the new dog. I loved the dog I tried to rescue, I picked him out carefully after talking with the foster mom - I wanted an agility dog and he would have been perfect. But, the foster mom in my case, like yours, either purposefully or accidentally miss-represented the new dog's personality to me.
    You did right, and I hope if you want a new dog that you try again.
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    I'm so sorry that you went through all this. If you had known he wasn't good with other animals, you wouldn't have taken him in because it wouldn't have been fair to your original fur babies.
    What a rotten woman at the shelter for treating you that way. Shame on her!!

    Thank you for taking the time to bring him back to them and to give him another chance at a forever home. I hope they will be honest in the future so he can find just the right place to spend his days.

    Don't give up on adopting another baby. The right one will find you!
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    Smilingcat, I have a lot of respect for you for realizing it wasn't going to work and doing what's best for the dog. Sooner or later the rescue organizations dishonesty will have legal implications for them. I have a dog who I have had some real struggles with, and I committed to working with a trainer. I chose to do that and it has been good for me , and a very good confidence builder and learning experience. I will say, without telling too long of a story here, that the problems we had with our dog caused some huge complications in my life. It has not been a picnic, I will say that! I think you did the right thing.

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    Ugh, I'm so sorry you had this experience! It was the shelter's responsibility to either fess up that he needs to be an only dog family or that he wasn't actually tested with other kritters and children. Unfortunately I've seen this trend in the Seattle area with a few ultra condescending rescue organizations as I consider adopting my first furball myself. I realize they want to protect the animals but they can't chastise those that want the same good things for the animals!
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    I shudder to think what could have happened if your cat didn't have quick reflexes, and I also shudder to think what that dog could do to a small child. If I were you, I'd find out who she's running the rescue through and make sure that dog, (and probably many others) aren't being pawned off to unsuspecting families.
    I love animals, I have 2 beloved dogs and a cat, a bird and a flock of chickens. I think of each as a beloved family member. That being said, a dog that is a danger needs to be kept away from those who cannot defend themselves. If a dog is placed in a home with small children, children that act like normal children, running and moving in twitchy unexpected ways-a dog that has a loose wire could kill that child just out of fun of the chase and catch.

    Report that rescue, you could save the lives of many cats, small animals, children, and even the dogs, that if they wind up in the wrong home, hurt someone, can suffer a horrible fate.



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