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    When I was in Minneapolis not long ago I took a basic bike maintenance class and now am comfortable adjusting brakes and derailleurs as well as doing a variety of other things. Learned a lot! I bought a stand and basically rebuilt my spouse's bike, including putting on a new crank, new freewheel, new chain, new rear derailleur, new cables for brakes and derailleurs, new housing, new front brakes, new rear brake pads, and new shifters. I set the limits on the derailleurs and dialed in the cable tension.

    Now we are on the road. My spouse bought a used moutain bike yesterday. It needs adjustments to the front derailleur beyond cable tension. No stand where I am. The bike rack holds the wheels so that won't work. Any tips on how to get that rear wheel up so I can pedal and see the derailleurs operate? I suppose I could put it upside down but I am afraid it will just confuse me.
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    Wheel the bike under a tree or porch roof, toss a rope over a branch/rafter/what-have-you and tie it through the saddle* so that the rear wheel is suspended off the ground Poor man's bike rack.

    * don't just put the loop under the saddle, the bike will swing around a bit when you start pedalling and can fall off.

    Or you may be lucky and find a fence or improvise something with a horisontal bar at the right height to hoist the rear of the saddle onto, and space underneath for the rest. Less swinging about.
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    Somewhere, I have a great picture of myself wrenching while on a century ride. My bike is hanging by the saddle nose from the hanging sign of a state park. Proof that you can make anything into a workstand!



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