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    New Movie, Premium Rush

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    So, anyone planning on seeing this at the big theater or just wait for the DVD? The early reviews seem positive.

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    I just saw the previews the other night. I don't know if I'll go to the theater to see it, we usually watch on DVD.
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    I saw the preview... I sense it is coming to an airplane near you soon! It's the type of movie that will end up as an in-flight movie. And, if you have choices and a long flight, might become the last one in your queue.

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    I will wait for the blu ray. It's probably fun and exciting, but I'm sure it will have stuff in it that will make real cyclists flinch, roll their eyes, or laugh out loud at t it. Meaning, I'm expecting it to be ridiculous and completely unrealistic.

    Many years afo now, we (DH, his two best boating pals, and myself) almost got thrown out of the theatre at "The River Wild" with our peanut gallery and snarky commentary peppered with a lot of, "oh, riiight...". They've run all the runnable sections of the rivers in that movie, and trust me, there were a lot of Hollywood liberties taken with the sport.
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    Aasif Mandvi is in it!

    I can hear the peanut gallery warming up already too. Agree it is better for me to see this one at home with a rowdy audience.
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    I kept thinking, I recognize this guy, who is this guy?
    Hey, it's the kid from 3rd Rock from the Sun!

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    I saw it tonight and it was quite entertaining, in a Bruce Willis Die Hard genre kind of movie. With the hero always getting pounded beyond belief, dusting themselves off, getting up and they keep on going, where in reality it would be hospital time. It was fun because it wasn't your typical car chase scenes but on bikes instead. Plus the hero in the story was cute and they gave him one of those endearing type personalities.

    Considering my fall a couple of weeks ago my ribs hurt in sympathy with those in the story.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bike Writer View Post

    Considering my fall a couple of weeks ago my ribs hurt in sympathy with those in the story.
    I saw it too and enjoyed it. But joked that given my trip to the ER and my stitches, it was perhaps not the best time for a movie of people crashing their bikes.
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