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    looking for ideas to beat MN winter, January bike trip...

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    Would like to travel with plans to bike thirty to fifty miles a day, intermediate level. Thinking CA, Arizona or New Mexico. Ideally would like to do loops with plans on staying in a comfy inn or hotel overnight. Summer isn't over yet, bit it is always nice to be able enjoy road biking during the Winter months. Any ideas appreciated.
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    Well, if you are heading to my New Mexico, stay South- Las Cruces. In Albuquerque, we are cold. I ride, but it's colder. I'd fly into Phoenix.
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    That sounds fantastic!

    I grew up in southern Arizona, and there is some fabulous country for riding there.
    You can make your own tour based on the routes that the following companies use. They offer their tours during the winter months, so you know the temperature would be lovely.
    Just look at their routes and create your own tour.

    What about something like this? It's an organized tour, and not a loop, but you could stay in Sierra Vista and do some day rides from there to many places around like Coronado National Forest from SV, Tombstone from SV, etc. Could be some neat rides down there (I haven't been to SV in a loooong time, and I wasn't a cyclist back then, so I can't vouch for the rides now- but since this touring company offers it as a ride, it can't be bad).

    Or what about this one?

    Might give you an idea of where to start to create your unique tour.
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    check out the current womantours.com online catalog. Seems to me they have a death valley tour in January where you stay in a hotel and ride out and back. They also have a good spring training ride in Arizona but I think that is more march/april. Even if they do't suit you will get some destination ideas
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