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    Jul 2012
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    What in the world did I do to my thumb?

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    I went for a long ride the other day, and I have a feeling I sprained my thumb, since my handlebars are hard and uncomfortable, and I was leaning on my hands a bit.
    I can barely use it without it hurting me. My husband told me to get an xray-since I never complain about pain unless it's bad, so he's figuring it's badly sprained or I tore something.
    I guess I'll go, but I hate doctors, and sitting and waiting with all those sick people just makes me want to run out screaming when they sneeze, with the snots, and the yuk...

    So, to my question-after this is sorted out, do you think I should get gloves to protect my hands, or just get more padding on the handlebars?

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    Apr 2008
    For the moment, take your favorite anti-inflammatory and ice the little bugger.

    I had to ice after pulling weeds in the garden this morning!
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    After you sort out the thumb pain, check your bike fit. If you are leaning too much on the handlebars, it could be that you need some adjustments --- a professional fitter can help. Gloves are always a good idea to protect your hands, not just from some road vibrations, but also in case you fall. You will end up with another tan line, but it's better than to lose skin from your hands. As for a more cushy bar tape, Lizard Skins DSP tape was recommended to me. I have not used it yet.

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    +1 on fit.

    But also, gloves are safety gear, comfort is secondary. Wear them. If you don't get along with padding, there are several threads about which gloves have the least. Road rash that would be minor anywhere else on your body is practically incapacitating when it's on your palms.
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    Carpal Tunnel. You have probably compressed the nerve. Ice and antinflammatries are the way to go. An X-ray probably won't really help because nerve compressions won't show up on that.



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