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Thread: A quick intro!

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    Long Island, NY

    A quick intro!

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    Hi, I'm 2Wheeler, also known as Rose. I'm from Long Island, and just jumped back to cycling after a long hiatus. I am dreaming of a nice road bike, but for now I have my old Pacific MTB, and it's working out pretty ok for now. I have 4 kids, and a very active husband-he's the one who got me back to running (I used to be on the HS track team, I took a few decades off, and now I run 5ks and would like to train for a half. Now he's doing Tri's so he made me go to the bike shop with him, and now I caught the bug again.

    I'm having loads of fun with it, my sons are now old enough to come with me, and my 11 year old is starting BMX in the fall in between playing football for 2 teams.
    I am a crazy mad sports fan, I will watch just about any sport, and love it. My favorites are American Football (for those of you who aren't from here) and Baseball.

    So, Hi!! *waves*

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    Welcome! I'm fairly new here, too, with a similar story. When younger I was very into cycling, racing locally and regionally until family life put that aside right about when I hit 30 years old. Figured that I was away from cycling for about 10 years, but really it was more like 7 years, I just was not very involved those last three years. So, like you, I've found renewed passion and am loving every minute of it. I wish my husband were active like yours, but it will never be. He is a scientist and professor and kind of epitomizes that stereotype. But I do have him enjoying local paved trails with me and I have a daughter that learned to ride a bike this year, so we're riding together several evenings (me on a pannier-laden hybrid) in addition to my morning solo rides (on my road bike). That's wonderful that you have your family involved. It makes it much more fun, doesn't it? Welcome back to the sport and welcome to TE. I know right where you are!
    The bicycle has done more for the emancipation of women than anything else in the world. ~ Susan B. Anthony

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    Welcome to TE (to both of you)!
    I think most of us have rediscovered the joys of cycling as we've gotten "older".
    So glad you two have come around!!
    Check out my running blog: www.turtlepacing.blogspot.com

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