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Thread: Bye Ede

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    Bye Ede

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    We lost our 12 year old Burmese girl today. It all went very quickly. On Saturday afternoon she lost control of her bladder. At 1.00 on Sunday we took her to the vet, and she passed away naturally 23 hours later. At this stage the vets still aren't completely sure what was wrong. Her abdomen was full of fluid, and they think it may have been FIPV, which is incurable, or, more likely, it was some form of cancer (probably pancreatic) - also incurable. When we left her she'd stopped eating and drinking but was still walking around and talking. They put her on opiate painkillers overnight and rehydrated her, but she quickly lost the ability to stand up and became extremely lethargic. They didn't even have to sedate her for her ultrasound. The vet called at around 11.30 to tell me. I'd hoped to be able to bring her home for the night but they didn't think that would be possible, so my husband and I organised to be at the vet's at 1.00 to let her go. Of course she took matters into her own hands and left without us half an hour earlier. Instead we took her home in a box - looking very peaceful like she was asleep, and with a sprig of flowers in her paws. We've buried her in the courtyard and will now have to find something to plant there that we won't kill. We're not exactly green-fingered.

    I wish I'd been able to have one more night with her, but she spent all of Saturday afternoon on my lap. On Saturday night when she'd lost control of her bladder she slept on the bed between us on a picnic blanket with a waterproof lining. So at least she had that one last day and night of cuddles.

    I was surprised at what a wreck I was, but right now I'm feeling exhausted and kind of numb (oh, and it seems intermittently teary). We don't have any children so our three cats are our babies. We knew she was getting on, but obviously didn't expect to lose her so soon. There's going to be a big space in the bed tonight and I'll miss her sneaking under the duvet to curl up against my side. Lovely, lovely girl.

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    oh, Pip, I'm so very sorry. ((((hugs))))
    Losing our fur babies is so incredibly difficult and heart-wrenching.
    Be gentle with yourself right now. Cry when it comes and grieve her as you need to.
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    Hugs to you, I understand what you are going through. I don't know what I'd do without my kitties, and losing my dogs a few years back was so hard. Take it easy.

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    I'm so sorry. ((Pip))
    At least I don't leave slime trails.

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    I am so sorry Pip. Cherish that you comforted her Saturday and at least her discomfort was short. It is hard to lose our fur kids, cry all you need. And it is perfectly normal to be exhausted, this is a member of your family. ((((HUGS))))

    On the plant, maybe a nice evergreen shrub or small flowering tree? Not sure how your climate/area is but maybe you can get something from the Burmese area? That can be thought of later, rest and grieve your baby.

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    This is soo sad :'( ...I am So sorry

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    Oh, I'm so sorry We buried my Pixar in my mom's yard and planted a cherry tree nearby a year later. It makes me sad to see the tree now but it's a peaceful reminder. Give yourself all the time you need to grieve.

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    (((((((Pip))))))) I'm so very sorry.

    One of our dogs passed away at the vet's while we were on the way to see him - it makes it hard when you couldn't be there with her. If you're feeling guilt about that, be gentle with yourself. Take the time you need to grieve.
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    So sorry. We have an elderly kitty that we aren't sure will be with us much more. Poor Ede, but I'm thankful that her passing was so fast. We lost our Gus under similar circumstances when he was 11...went from healthy and vibrant to gone in a matter of days. Our vet also suspected tumors of some sort.

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    So sorry for your loss.

    Our Lab went at home, on her own terms too. It still to this day make me feel good that she passed at home, with DH and I right there with her.

    It is still hard to think of her without tearing up. It takes time to heal from the loss of a pet. I know what you are going through-- sending hugs your way.

    Our Airedale had issues with fluid retention before she passed away at the young age of 7 way before her time. It ended up being kidney failure.
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    ((((Pip)))). I'm so sorry for your loss. It's always so hard to say goodbye to our beloved fur babies. Take good care.
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    I am so sorry for your loss. How wonderful, though, that she simply did it on her own without any of the gut wrenching decisions that usually precede the passage of a pet. She did that for you.

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    Oh, I'm so sorry for your loss!
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    So sorry! Take good care of yourself.

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    Thanks everyone for your support. We had a rough week, and I think our little moggy still thinks I took Ede away from her. Even now I still find myself automatically looking for her in the bedroom. The house really does seem empty with only two cats, and we have made the decision to get another Burmese kitten. I called up our breeder and there is a litter of lilacs due any day, so in a few months we will be a three cat household again! My husband is also calling me on I promise I'd made to get a retired greyhound when Ede passed away, so this could end up being a very full house. This weekend I may even be able to bring myself to clean Ede's cat house and tidy away her litter tray, which the other two don't use. I've decided to plant a magnolia for her, as I love the flowers and they should do well in our courtyard.



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