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    Unhappy let me tell you about my crash!

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    went on a women's only bike ride last sunday. crashed my bike into some lovely bushes. came down hard on the left elbow. the bruise is the size of a softball. huge and all sorts of pretty colors. my knee got banged up too, but nothing broken. i was even able to finish the ride.

    2 hours later i started getting dizzy, nausea, light headed. checked my helmet, didn't crack it. i think it was just the shock of the crash. my baby is ok. took her to my new favorite lbs. i started showing off my battle scars. they were impressed. so now, i show it off with pride. i am sure this will not be my last crash, but lets just hope it is my worst. i was really lucky. could have been much worse.

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    Nausea, & light headedness can be symtoms of a mild head injury, nothing to fool around with. Maybe it's not too late to get chekced out... even if you didnt' crack your helmet? HI is nothing to fool around with. Take Care!!

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    Potential head injury

    Agreed. Had a friend who took a header going downhill mountain biking last year. She seemed okay but a little dizzy. Finally felt well enough to finish riding, taking it real easy. A couple days later her husband finally talked her into going to the doctor. She had had a concussion. All's well (except for a lovely black eye!), but a good reminder to always check out those head injuries.

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    head injuries

    Yep...don't mess with head injuries.

    Rule of thumb--do not take a nap after a head injury. If you have to rest, do so with people around so they can make sure you don't fall asleep/check on you.

    It is true. You may not wake up. I just heard about a recent death of a woman I knew who banged her head. She was under a glass coffee table picking something up--she came up too fast. Anyway, after she banged her head, she and told a friend she was going to lie down--she never woke up. Chilling.

    My recent head bang was not cycling related, but this is also a true story. I was looking at a picture of this gorgeous guy on the cover of a men's fitness mag, came up too fast and hit the wall...
    (April 2002 issue of "Men's Fitness", model, Jonathan Abue ).



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