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Thread: sports drinks

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    You should be taking in some calories to fuel your ride.

    Discipline is remembering what you want.


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    Quote Originally Posted by rocknrollgirl
    ....that many of you do not take a sports drink for rides under two hours. Right now we typically mt bike between 90 and 120 mins a session. I always take one if we are going to be out over an hour. I wonder if I need to??? I am working up a good sweat, even in the cold temps. Hmmmmm.....
    I always have Gatorade with me - even for short rides. And I always carry an energy bar too, just in case. I keep one stashed in my seat bag.

    --- Denise

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    Thanks, that is what I thought. Last saturday I ate two hours before we went, and was starving in the middle of the ride. I have been reminding myself whlie I ride that the calories are good, but I just started feeling like a weenie...

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    I am making my own:

    juice of 1 lemming (unstrained)
    5 heaping tsp fructoze
    1/3 tsp salt
    water to fill 1 litre bottle

    I ride about 3 hours but summer is very hot here even in the early morning like 35 - 40 deg C. Winter is not cold like what you gals are describing - long-sleeve dry-flo plus windbreak-y layer is enough 4 me on top and good sox
    And a purple- and -blue- tones silk scarf for *style* and added windbreak

    All you need is love...la-dee-da-dee-da...all you need is love!

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    If my ride is over one hour and it is hot, I take one bottle of plain water & one bottle of weak Cytomax. Remember - if you have a flat or otherwise end up being out longer than you expect, you will need extra water.

    Besides, added weight on the bike helps build up your muscles & cardiovascular system.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rocknrollgirl
    ....that many of you do not take a sports drink for rides under two hours.
    If you are out for two hours or less, replacing water is far more important to your body than is electrolyte replacement (assuming excellent health and good nutritional status).

    That said, it probably doesn't make a big difference if you chose to drink plain water or a sports drink on shorter rides. More important is to "drink before you are thirsty and eat before you are hungry"!

    "It never gets easier, you just go faster." -- Greg LeMond



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