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I get that the idea of a wet exit is scary. It was for me, too. I would suggest taking a safety course and learning to wet exit and a few rescue techniques. Practice them in a controlled environment so that you are comfortable with how to do it. Then go back every year for a refresher course. Kayaking, like cycling, has risks and being prepared is alot more fun than being caught off guard.

There's wonderful paddling in your area. Enjoy it!
Sound advice from Tulip (as always!) When I took kayak lessons with a small group of women, nobody *wanted* to be the first to flip their boat on purpose to practice a wet exit. Yours truly finally bit the bullet-if only to get through it. I don't like being underwater, and get disoriented when I'm upside down (hated tumbling in school) so I had a few personal concerns. In addition, I was quite overweight at the time and struggled to get back in the boat- but eventually managed it.

Frankly I still would prefer not to, but once you've done it a couple times, it helps you gain a little confidence. You will know what to expect instead of having that nagging fear of the unknown.