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    Question New to riding questions!

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    Hello All!
    My name is Marita and I just started spinning classes today. I havent had much exercise in quite some time, but i did buy a cheap (but decent) bike online and am looking to use it to go back and forth to work. My main question is, does anyone have any suggestions as to a good seat cover to put on a stationary bike for spinning classes? Like i sid, i just started the classes today and am very surprised at how much pain my behind is in. I really enjoyed the spinning class and would like to go back, buti need a cushion for my tushy if i am going to be able to continue. I see many different ones online (gel, memory foam, extra wide etc) but i'm not sure how to choose.

    Also, I'm finding that even though you never forget how to ride a bike, it's never as easy as it was when you were a kid! Ha! The spinning class is very fun and I enjoy it, but my legs get tired very fast. ASide from continuity (which i fully intend to do) any suggestions on how to build up leg strength and stamina to be able to withstand a full hour long class with full participation?

    any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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    spin class saddles are notoriously horrible. Wear padded cycling shorts with no underwear and that should help a lot. There is a butt break-in factor. The saddles can be adjusted. Sometimes they tip way up or back; they should be more or less level.
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    I second adjusting the saddle. If the saddle isn't adjusted well no amount of padding will help. Did the instructor offer to show you how to adjust things? I recall my first spin class and I literally was in pain. It was prior to my leaning about the importance of saddle adjustment though so I didn't know any better. Good luck.
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