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    Apr 2012

    Everyone doing ADA Tour De Cure

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    I know that today there are several ADA Tour events going on:

    Verona Beach, NY
    NYC, NY

    are the two that I know for sure. Be safe. Todays' weather at Verona Beach has rain on our schedule but we ride!
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    Feb 2006
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    Go Red Rider Go!!! I hope you had a great ride!!! I did my first tour tour cure as a red rider two weeks ago and those words meant so much to me. Ours was an especially tough course, with both hills and winds, but somehow wearing the red rider jersey was a badge of honor that I had to defend by finishing strong. I was on the metric century route, and even as the strong imperial century riders started to pass me near the end, their congratulations and recognition of how hard what I did really meant a lot to me.
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