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Thread: Demeaning boss

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    Demeaning boss

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    What kind of advice do you offer someone who has to deal with a petty and demeaning boss?

    My mom has been dealing with a boss who at first applauded her, sent her happy grams and thanked her over and over again for the changes she made in the department. Then they were handed a big changeover project which this boss thinks she can handle on her own. Unfortunately she's making everyone's lives miserable because she can't handle it, can't remember what she delegates and accuses her staff of bungling everything. Every time I talk to my mom, she's more and more deflated by the terrible things this woman says to her. It's unfortunate because my mother used to be in executive management, but has been forced to take a low level supervisor position due to downsizing. She's facing major age discrimination at this time and would love to retire, but can't yet afford it, and only found this job after multiple interviews and applications.

    I have nothing substantial to offer. Sooo many people are in the same position as her right now due to the economy. It's bad, and there are so many inept people in charge...I wish I could be of help.

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    Document everything. Make sure she has things in email. Basically cover her B#tt.

    Because if this project fails, questions will probably be asked. The more evidence your mother has that she has done her best to follow directions from her boss the better.

    So I would email the boss confirming EVERYTHING she asks me to do and outlining everything I have done to achieve this.

    Sounds like something is going to blow up soon as time to take cover.



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