I like the size and shape of the Bontrager Affinity WSD saddle. However I'm considering switching from the RL model (mid-range in terms of padding) to the RXL (least amount of padding). The RXL is quite expensive, so before I plunk down the cash, I'm wondering if anyone has already tried both versions.

The background is that I started with the RL last year, but found it painful on the sitbones. In retrospect, I think I had some slow-healing bruises caused by some different saddles that I had tried first. But at the time I thought I just needed a bit more padding, so I returned the RL and got the R (most padded) version.

The R was comfortable for a few weeks and then I started having problems with my sit bones no longer being supported, causing discomfort from too much pressure from the nose of the saddle. Basically the padding softened up over time -- when I compared my saddle to a new Affinity R, mine felt softer.

So a couple of months ago I bought another RL and put it on my bike. It's an improvement over the R, and when I start to ride I feel my sit bones resting on it, but after I ride for about 60-90 minutes I start to sink into it and feel the pressure from the nose again.

So, anyone out there have experience with the RXL?

Thanks very much!!!